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Spa & Wellness Lighting

The benefits of lighting in your spa or jacuzzi

What could be better than relaxing in your own spa or jacuzzi? Want to make bathing even more cosy? Then think about beautiful lighting in your spa or jacuzzi. Adding lighting has several advantages. In this article, we tell you more about them.

Safety first
One of the most practical and important benefits of lighting in your spa or jacuzzi is improved safety. With lighting, the jacuzzi is easier to enter and you can see each other better when you are in the spa at night. Moreover, it creates a warm and cosy atmosphere. Ideal if you want to enjoy your outdoor jacuzzi all year round.

Beautiful and functional
An outdoor Jacuzzi with lighting not only looks beautiful, but is also functional! In addition to improved safety, lighting gives your garden, veranda or roof terrace an extra touch. It gives your jacuzzi an exclusive and luxurious look. Because the eye wants something, right? So you can enjoy your own wellness moment even more.

Relieve your stress
Did you know that colour therapy can relieve stress? We have several types of spas with LED lighting that you can use for colour therapy. Choose, for instance, a soothing or activating colour to create the right atmosphere while relaxing. This will make you feel recharged after using your spa. Match the colours to your mood to really create a moment of tranquillity. Coming together with friends or family? Then let the different colours alternate for a real (disco) party. That way, you can enjoy the benefits of a spa to the full.

Create a cosy atmosphere
Conviviality knows no time, especially when you are in a spa! Atmospheric lighting certainly contributes to this. You can effortlessly create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. And you are sure to score high marks with mood lighting in your Jacuzzi!

Xpro pool has a wide choice of spa or jacuzzi lighting.

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Complete your spa, jacuzzi or foil pool with our lighting. These lights are specially designed for use in spas, jacuzzis and foil pools. The light has a 1.5-inch thread, making it easy to mount. The light provides a bright, good light that makes your swimming experience even more enjoyable. Moreover, the lamp is available in warm white and RGB+W, so you can create the atmosphere that suits you.