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Film and Liners - Polyester Pools

Are you looking for pool lights for your film or fibreglass pool? Then you have come to the right place!

We have different models in our collection. The lamps can also be made to measure, such as longer cable.

RGB + white light ( RGBW ). Most lights are available in 2-4-5 wires. 

We have stock, but of course we cannot have everything, because you have different possibilities. 

Delivery time: two and a half weeks.

All lamps come from our warehouse or directly from our factory.

XPRO Pool Threaded inlet fitting 1.5 Inch for Concrete / Liner pools

The White Pool Wall Fitting is used with concrete and gunite pools and accepts 1.5 inch eyeball fittings. This fitting has a 1.5 inch slip fitting on the back that connects to the return line. It also has 2 inch male pipe threads on the back for connection to a 2 inch threaded fitting. The front (pool side) has 1.5 inch female thread to connect to an eyeball fitting.

XPRO Pool Xpro pool | Foil pool light 15w LED - 1.5 inch | Warm...

The Xpro pool lamp 15 LED - Warm white and RGB+W will complete your pool. Because say it yourself, is there anything nicer than a beautifully lit pool? This pool light provides an even distribution of light across the pool, up to a distance of 4-6 metres. And don't worry, the light is not too harsh, so you won't be blinded while swimming. The light of this LED pool light shines at a 120-degree angle.

XPRO Pool XPRO POOL |Spa| Jacuzzi|Foil pool light 3w LED - 1.5 inch...

Complete your spa, jacuzzi or foil pool with our lighting. These lights are specially designed for use in spas, jacuzzis and foil pools. The light has a 1.5-inch thread, making it easy to mount. The light provides a bright, good light that makes your swimming experience even more enjoyable. Moreover, the lamp is available in warm white and RGB, so you can create the atmosphere that suits you.