Installing pool lighting: tips & info


A beautiful pool is not complete without pool lighting, but of course you need to know how to install it. Can you do it yourself? How many lights do you need and where do you place them?

Installing your own pool lighting: is that possible?


Installing pool lights in a self-built pool is not that difficult. So you can perfectly do it yourself. But there is a lot to do. First you have to fix the supplied flexible hose in your pool, mark everything off and then start sawing.


Then you need to mark and saw out the dimensions of the built-in part and attach the flange ring and rubber gasket. Only then can you start assembling. Exactly how to install the pool light is self-evident, but it does take some time. Would you like to do it on your own? Then feel free to ask us for advice. You'll see that with our tips, it will go much more smoothly!

How many pool lights do you need?


In principle, you do not need that many pool lights. Usually only two pool lights are sufficient. The advice is to use one spotlight every three to four metres. With two pool lights you can see enough during the dark hours. Aesthetically this is also the best amount.

Where should you place the lighting in your pool?


If you plan to install your own pool lights, it is important that you take the correct height into account. If you do not, you will be looking into a shining lamp from the terrace. And that is anything but pleasant! The ideal height for installing pool lights is 75 centimetres from the top edge and two metres from both corners of the pool.

Need a little help? Ask Xpro for advice!


Do you still find it difficult to install your pool lights? Then ask us for advice. That way you will certainly succeed in installing the lights the right way. Moreover, our advice is completely non-binding.