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  • €77.00 - €340.00

Surface Mounted

XPRO Surface mounted lamps

Surface mounted Led pool lighting

Surface mounted Led Pool Lighting is mounted on the pool walls, which are less difficult to install and can easily be retrofitted, so you can upgrade the lighting for your pool.

Because they do not protrude beyond the wall, they do not break so easily. These are a popular option among new pools with LED lights that are more preferred than regular halogen bulbs.

LED is the perfect solution to save your energy bill, extend the life of your light bulb by replacing your existing halogen. XPRO Poollights offer a variety of color options with a nice bright light.

Our factory has ISO9000 and our LED pool light went CE, Rohs, FCC, IP68 certification.XPRO Poollights pool light is your best choice for high stand pool lighting. Super quality, with a 2 year warranty.


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