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Different types of pools: which type of pool should you choose?
Still unsure about the type of pool you want to buy? Then it is worthwhile to take a look at all the options. Because with the right pool lighting and the perfect pool, you'll create an irresistible combination. We'll walk you through the options!

Overflow pool
The infinity pool is in huge demand because of its seamless look. It is a perfect match with a modern garden. With this type of pool, the water flows over the edge into a gutter, making the water level almost level with your garden or patio. The only downside is that it is slightly more expensive than other types because it requires more maintenance.

Polyester pool
A polyester pool is made of reinforced fiberglass and is shaped by a mold. This type of pool can be installed very quickly, ideal if you can't wait to take a dip. It has a seamless, stylish look and is often equipped with a beach, walk-in steps and blanket box.

Skimmer pool
If you choose a skimmer pool, you'll enjoy a beautiful view of your yard while swimming. A skimmer is a suction point that keeps the water several inches below the edge. You have a lot of freedom of choice in shape and finish, because a skimmer can be installed in almost any pool.

Concrete pool
A concrete pool is hugely popular and for good reason: it is extremely durable. After pouring the concrete, it is finished with quality tiles of your choice. So you can tailor a concrete pool entirely to your taste and garden.

Film pool
Finally, we have the foil pool. This type consists of a masonry or poured concrete base, covered with an armed PVC film in a color of your choice. The film protects against bacteria and is hygienic. Moreover, a foil pool is more economical than many other types, ideal if your budget is limited!

At Xpro Pool you will find the perfect lighting for any type of pool!
With our extensive selection at Xpro Pool Lighting, you will always find the ideal pool lighting, regardless of your preference for an infinity pool, skimmer pool or any other type. Not sure which lighting to choose? Then feel free to ask us for no-obligation advice.