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For Vinyl - Concrete pools with 1.5-inch thread

Our LED lights for foil, liner and polyester pools come in various shapes and sizes. And should you have specific requirements, we can also customise our lamps for you.

This customisation could include installing longer cables, applying an RGB + white light (RGBW) or fitting 2-4 or 5-core cables.

All our lamps are ISO9000, CE, Rohs, FCC and IP68 certified.

Depending on your chosen type and any customisation, the delivery time of our lamps in the Netherlands is around 2 weeks.

XPRO Pool Threaded inlet fitting 1.5 Inch for Concrete / Liner pools

The White Pool Wall Fitting is used with concrete and gunite pools and accepts 1.5 inch eyeball fittings. This fitting has a 1.5 inch slip fitting on the back that connects to the return line. It also has 2 inch male pipe threads on the back for connection to a 2 inch threaded fitting. The front (pool side) has 1.5 inch female thread to connect to an eyeball fitting.