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Light output pool lights

Light output pool lights

Discover the true power of Lumen in pool lights

When talking about the Lumen of pool lights, many questions often arise. There are numerous firms on the market selling lamps, but unfortunately, not all lamps live up to expectations. They may fill up with water, have a short lifespan, or the light output does not match what is promised on the package. It is a common problem that the lumen value on the package does not match reality.

You should never assume that 1 watt equals 100 lumens; it is always lower. For example, for warm white light, 1 watt equals 85 lumens. If you take a PAR56 lamp of 25 watts, we are talking about 2125 lumens. For colored bulbs, 1 watt equals 55 lumens, which is a lot less in terms of output.

The bulbs we sell actually give the value we specify. This makes it very easy to calculate what you need for your pool.

The right light output for your pool
Choosing the right pool lights is essential for atmosphere and safety. Here are some guidelines:

- Cool white: 90 x wattage
- Warm white: 85 x wattage
- RGB / RGB+W: 55 x wattage

For a standard 4x8 meter pool, 25 watt bulbs are usually perfect. If you have a larger pool, such as 6x10 or 12 meters, we recommend using three 35-watt bulbs.
Quality and durability of pool lights

When choosing pool lights, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the LEDs. Many lights on the market use cheaper LEDs, resulting in lower light output. The most common high-quality LEDs are from brands such as Osram, Epstar, and Sanan. These LEDs are known for their high quality.

- High quality LEDs: Ensure longer life and better light output.
- Waterproofing: Essential to prevent bulbs from filling up with water.
- Proper lumen rating: Ensures that you get what you expect.

Choose reliability and quality
When choosing the right lights for your pool, it is important to go for reliability and quality. Our lights not only offer the promised light output, but they are also durable and waterproof. Choose an attractive and safe pool environment with our high-quality lighting. Explore today and let your pool shine like never before.

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