Surface mounted LED Pool Lamp - RGB

These surface mounted lamps are easy to install, the mounting bracket of the lamp also fits on astraalpool old halogen lamps. no drilling holes when replacing your lamps. unless you have a new pool of course.

SINGLE COLOR or RGB or RGBW with white : RGB 25W ( 1375 LUMEN ) 321 LEDS ( 2 WIRES )
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These surface mounted lamps are easy to install the mounting bracket of the lamp also fits on astraalpool old halogen lamps.  

No need to drill holes when changing the bulbs, unless you have a new pool of course.


The installation of XPRO lights is extremely simple. Of course it is important that you choose the right lamp for the pool. 

We supply a clear manual with the lamps.


The outdated halogen lamps are making way for LED lamps. Because of their lower consumption, longer life span and more light output. XPRO is available for both new and old pools.


All our lamps are supplied without a remote control system, because if it is built into the lamp what colleagues offer, does not work well and gives problems.

From our years of experience it is better to have a separate control system for lamps with two wires, we have developed a special control system, which then also synchronize your lamps properly...  see article XPRO-SM10RGB


- Fully resin filled, 100% waterproof

- Ultra slim design in 35 mm thickness

- 2 wire external 

- Size 250 x 35 mm

- Voltage : AC12V

- Waterproof grade: IP68

- Beam angle: 120°

- Working environment temperature: -25°C~45°C

- Wattage : 25 - 35 Watt

- Number of leds : 324 -441 pcs

- Brand leds : Epsper / Sanan 2835

- Light colour : Warm white

- Cable length : 3 metres

- Energy class : +A

- Material : Fully resin filled plastic | Anti UV PC

- Light intensity : 25W 1125-1375 Lumen | 35W 1575-1925 Lumen

- Option also work with wifi control system

- Extremely energy efficient, with a lifespan of up to +-40,000 hours possible 

- Two year warranty

Quality pool lights

At XPRO POOL we choose quality. The pool lights are made of high quality ABS and are highly resistant to chemicals and UV-C.

If you have any questions before or during installation, please call us and we will explain it to you in detail. That is a lot better to convey than to work out the entire installation instruction on this online shop. We are happy to advise you.


- The product must not be tested out of the water for longer than 30 seconds. 

- There is no transformer included.


Data sheet

Power lights
25 Watt
35 Watt
Color lights
Warm White
Type of cable
Two wires
12V AC

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