SMART RGB+W Garden lighting recessed set , IP68 waterproof | complete set - Wifi & Bluetooth - 12V

Are you looking for lighting around the pool, or in your garden , then this is a nice quality set is all smart controllable Wifi & Bluetooth this star does to quality standards and is IP67

Are you looking for lighting around the pool, or in your garden , then this is a nice quality set is all smart controllable Wifi & Bluetooth this star does to quality standards and is IP67

Product Specification
* Power: 0.8W for each
* LED Colour: RGB Colorful
* Material: Plastic+stainless steel
* Voltage: AC100-240V
* Output: 12V
* Lifespan: >50,000 hours
* Quanity: 1PCS

About this item (5 features)
WIFI & Bluetooth Control
① You can control the lights with the APP via Bluetooth, no network required. Bluetooth control range: 15 metres.
② You can also use "Tuya Smart Life" control of the light. ❤ (WIFI control, WiFi must be 2.4GHz). In Wi-Fi-controlled mode, control your LED deck lights by voice with Alexa or Google Assistant. Control the light to adjust the brightness, colour and flashing speed of the light, group control, timer/countdown function via the app.

Dynamic dream colour New LED deck light Built-in IC & RGB dynamic dream colour, give you stunning RGB rainbow effect. 8 dynamic colourful modes:
flowing water / rainbow / chasing light / colourful / gradient / jumping / breathing / flickering, you can also adjust the dynamic mode. The light will also rhythm according to the sound collected by the mobile phone microphone, there are three modes of music / game / romance.

Energy Saving & Easy Installation Bright led deck lighting, RGB Colorful (0.8W/PCS). DC 12V low voltage output, made of 304 stainless steel and PC fireproof material. LED deck lights not only has long safe lifespan, but also is energy saving. ❤(It is recommended that you connect the deck lights in the APP first, after the connection is successful, then you can drill holes on the ground and install the deck lights.

IP67 Waterproof Lights and cables are IP67 waterproof, cable attached by male and female waterproof connectors and stand for indoor and outdoor use. Widely used in stairs, kitchen, floor and bathrooms; Perfect for outdoor garden floor lawn path deck lighting.❤ (Please do not immerse the power supply and controller in water).

Package includes 10 x RGB Colourful recessed deck lights, 1 x DC 12V power supply, 1 x controller. 1x user manual. If you want to extend it, buy our 3-pin extension cables separately. ❤ (Note: The other LED deck lights will still work fine if one or two of the deck lights fail). All lights are CE certified to ensure product quality and safety.

❤ It is recommended that you connect the light to the mobile phone first, and make sure that the connection is successful, and then drill and install it.
- On Google Play or App Store or scan the QR code to download the“Tuya Smart Life APP”
- After the installation is complete, connect to wifi, turn on Bluetooth and Tuya APP software, and connect to the deck light. (NOTE: Only support 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, Not compatible with 5G Wi-Fi)

❤ When the light is connected to the power supply,
1: If the deck light goes into flashing mode, then you can connect the light directly, no need to reset;
2: If the deck light enters the long light mode, you need to reset the light to connect successfully, reset method: long press the button on the controller for 5~8 seconds, if the light flashes, it means restart After the setting is successful,  then you can turn on the APP connection light.

❤ There are two control methods for LED deck lights, Bluetooth control and WiFi control:
① Bluetooth Control : Bluetooth control range: 15 meters.
You can control the lights via the app via bluetooth, no WIFI required.

② WIFI Control: (WiFi must be 2.4GHz)
In Wi-Fi controlled mode, control your LED deck lighting by voice with Alexa or Google Assistant. Remote control your deck lights wherever you are at anytime !

If the mobile APP cannot connect to the deck light:
Please notice if WiFi is turned on? Is the WiFi 2.4 GHz? Is the distance between the phone and the router too far?

❤ You also can use the controller to control your deck lights as follows:
Press twice quickly: On/Off
Press once: switch colorful dynamic mode (8 types)
Press and hold for 5~8 seconds: reset the device, the light flashing means the reset is successful.

❤ Specifications:
Voltage: DC 12V
Light color: RGBW (RGB+warm light)
Material: Stainless steel & PC fire-proof material
Waterproof: IP67 (Please do not submerge the power supply and controller in water)

❤ Note:
1) Please pay attention to the distinction between positive and negative wire, there is an arrow signal on the wire.
2) The lights can be connected to one another. Any number of them can be hooked up to one another, and even a second set can be purchased and added to the same chain of lights.