Recessed pool LED light LINER / Fiberglass White / RGBW 15w | 1.5 inch

If you are looking for a liner light for concrete pools this is the solution. Available in single colours and RGB/RGBW.

If you are looking for a light for a concrete pool with a liner, this is the solution. Available in singel colours and RGB. 


- Fully resin filled, 100% waterproof

- Size 130 x 45 mm

- 2 wires external or 4/5 wires RGB

- Cable length : 3 metres

- Voltage : AC 12V

- Waterproof grade: IP68

- Beam angle : 120°

- Number of leds : 130 pcs

- Operating temperature : -25°C~45°C

- Wattage : 15 Watt 

- Brand leds : Epsper 2835

- Light colour : Warm white K3000 - RGB / RGBW

- Energy class : +A

- Light intensity : W 1275 - RGB / RGB+W 825 Lumen 

- Extremely energy efficient, with a lifespan of up to +40,000 hours possible 

- Two year warranty

Quality pool lights

At XPRO POOL we choose quality. The pool lights are made of high quality material and are highly resistant to chemicals and UV-C.

If you have any questions before or during installation, please call us and we will explain it to you in detail. This is a lot better than having to explain the entire installation process in this online shop. We are happy to advise you.


- The product must not be tested out of the water for longer than 30 seconds. 

- There is no transformer included.


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